Sunday, July 10, 2011

We've Arrived in Guatemala!

We have arrived in Guatemala! All 43 of us, plus 80 some odd bags of luggage made it to Antigua around 7 pm last night. Praise the Lord, it was a smooth day of travel. We were excited to get to our hotel and meet the interns who would show us the ropes. There are five: Amber, Laura, Parker, Ella, and Anda. They are awesome and have helped us get around the city. 
Our first day in Antigua has been nothing less than exciting! This morning we had a worship time out on a beautiful vine covered porch at our hotel. Stacey and Mark from Kathleen led us in worship and through a devotion from the Lords Prayer. We talked about what it means to keep His name Hallowed. Stacey led us to sing a few songs, and even though we didn't have instruments it was an awesome worship.

That morning the brave among us traversed a mountain via a glorified swamp bugee. OK, so it wasn't a swamp buggee, but that's what it reminded me of. The ride through town and up the coffee plantation was quite an experience! Once up there, we were fitted with straps and a helmet, then it was off to zip line. Let me tell you, that was one of the coolest things I've ever done! We practically flew over a vast expanse where you could barely notice a stream flowing. As we zipped out of the trees and into the open you could catch a glimpse of Antigua in the background. I got to practice my spanish with a guy named Poncho who works there on the weekends and is going to school to be an agricultural engineer. A few of us taught him and some of the locals how to play Ninja. :) 

After we worked up an appetite, we headed back into town to eat at a fine reastaurant....McDonalds. A quarter pounder, fries, and a coke are the same in any country, I believe. And, after that ride down the mountain I was excited to chow down. The main difference between this Mickey D's and the ones from back home was the beautifully landscaped courtyard that we ate around. Lunch was followed by a trip to the outdoor market where they sell everything from knives to nativity sets. They had a lot of hand threaded bracelets and woven clothing, too. It was pretty funny to watch people talk down prices with the locals. 

Tomorrow everyone is headed to the Malnutrition Center. We are excited to get to work and love on some kids. Pray for our group to have lots of energy and to sieze opportunities God gives us. God bless! -Sarah

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