Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wow Moment

Fried plantains...YUM!

Ok, back from sharing our wow moments. Here was mine...

This week I have enjoyed spending time in the kitchen washing or drying dishes while the babies and children nap. Today, like the other two days, we enjoyed learning new words in spanish and learning how this center runs from the women who work there.

I realized that it is incredible that a group as large as ours carry servants hearts and spent a week in Guatemala to do whatever needed to be done to help these kids. What was even more awesome is that these women do this everyday...24 hours a day...weekends...and holidays. There are no breaks when it comes to feeding, bathing, and watching 70 kids. The laundry, cooking, dishes, and cleaning are never ending.

While it must have been a little bit of a hassle teaching us how things work at first, we did help them to keep things moving a little bit smoother. It is hard to think about how they manage when a group of 43 people are not there to lend a hand.

Well, the rest of my wow moment happened after we were finished wasing and drying dishes. I proclaimed to one of the ladies cooking, 'Me gusta comer plantains!' (I like to eat plantains.) She was cooking up some fried plantains that smelled delicious. She then placed the fork in my hands and let me cook the rest of them! Well, I needed a little guidance at first, but I got the hang of it. Then, it was 3:00 and time for the women to go to devotions. In spanish and little bit of sign language, she told me how to turn off the stove and left me alone with the plantains in the kitchen.

For the first time since I was at the center I had a little bit of quiet. It was a time to think about the lives of the women who work there and a time to pray for the kids who would eventually eat that food for dinner. I was so grateful for the opportunity to fry up some plantains! And, now I know how to make them!

We leave our hotel early tomorrow to catch our flight back to the states. I look forward to sharing about the trip when I get home! Adios Guatemala!

Feeding time with the Chicks...gotta line 'em up!

The Canary room.

Pastor Charles helping sweet Gladys take some steps.


  1. Praying for safe travels. Also praying for the hearts of everyone returning and for phase 2 that will take place of the mission trip where you all will have the opportunity to share with many people the amazing things that God has shown you. Praying for those of us back home, that your testimonies will be renewing for us and that we will share the joy with you all. It's been a blessing and an encouragement to daily read the blog.
    WOW to you all, as you have given your time, money and yourselves to help these women continue to love and strengthen these children.
    See ya soon!

  2. So glad you had this amazing experience! Praying for safe travel!