Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Meal Toys... don't throw away!

For the most part, many of us in the United States would view a happy meal toy as something simple. They are simple to obtain, they are simple to use and they are simple items. But what may be simple to us… may not be so simple to others in third-world countries.

How often have you bought a happy meal and a duplicate toy is in your child’s bag? If this happens to you, please don’t throw them away but save them for our mission trips. These toys are typically small in size and a great item to bring along with us on a trip.

This year we will be hosting a dental clinic in the Dominican Republic. For many of the children this will be their very first time getting their teeth cleaned. Once they have gone through the cleaning they will have the opportunity to go through our treasure box... which is where the happy meal toys will be. 

Email: if you have a donation or call Jamie at 245-1587 or drop them off at Heartland Gold. 

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