Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Summer Mission Team Updates

Please pray for the Summer Grove Baptist Church missions team leaving today for Guatemala! Let's pray for safe travels, on-time flights, and for God to use them in a powerful way at the local orphanage! It's going to be a great week for this group!!! (SMM's 2013 Guatemala Mission Team may remember some of these missionaries from when they went with them last year.) 
FBCBG beings their trip to Ecuador today! 

Bridge A Life - Uganda Mission Team Update
Here is another great update from the Bridge a Life team in Uganda! They are working hard to accomplish the tasks that God has laid out before them and are doing AMAZING work! Check out what Scott has to say below.

Update from Mpongo; today the roof is going on! Framing has begun on the kitchen building. The decision has been made to replace more roof framing than originally planned but the team is moving ahead quickly. The team also visited two private schools in the Bulo community (adjacent to Mpongo) to gain a greater understanding of the education choices available to parents in this area and to introduce ourselves and our project. As I am typing, the team is ascending the hill on our project land where they will erect a cross and dedicate this land, this project and this community to Christ!

Meanwhile in Kampala; Cyndee Vanderford continues to improve and we were able to venture out today. We spent the morning at a babies home within a few miles of our hotel with 6 month old Joseph and 3 month old Gia, two beautiful children with no one to love them. Both were recently abandoned and have health challenges. Nothing that cannot be treated, but certainly needing attention. Tomorrow we are going to arrange for testing for Joseph, (Gia's problems are known and under treatment) as we feel helping give this young boy a chance at life is our purpose for being here.

Please continue to lift up our team in your prayers and add little Joseph & Gia.

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