Friday, June 10, 2016

FBCBG Ecuador Mission Team Update (Team #1)

There will be 3 Teams this summer from FBCBG that will be serving in Ecuador. Below are a few updates from Team #1 that left back on June 6th.

June 6, 2016 (Monday) - The team has arrived in our beloved Ecuador safe and sound. Even tho we haven't been here but a few hours our faithful father has placed several people in our paths and we have three meetings scheduled. How faithful is our God! Please lift one of our team members up, one team member is feeling under the weather. We are exhausted tonight so we are watching a dvd and then getting some much needed rest before hitting the road tomorrow. God is so good and we are looking forward to what he has in store for us this week. Thank you for your prayers! - Jane Long 

June 7, 2016 (Tuesday) - Great morning of our first study in Threads, began prayer walking in Tabacundo which led to two appointments to share bible stories tomorrow morning. (New friends) Encouraged many friends that we have met. We also prayer walked in La Esperanza, while prayer walking we met a man tending to his sheep, we talked to him and asked him if we could share about our Shepard Jesus, we will have that opportunity on Thursday and get this in the center of the park. Met with the leader of a community about sharing in his area, positive interaction and praying for the opportunity in the future. Everyone on the team is very tired but remains energetic to on sharing their faith. To God be the glory!!!! - Jane Long

June 8, 2016 (Wednesday) - We divided up into teams early, one team shared with a gentleman who owns a clothes store. He was receptive to them but did not commit to salvation. But we feel the Holy Spirit was convicting him so please lift him up in prayer. The other team visited a man who asked us to share the story of Joseph. We told the story and he was very attentive and gave input on the story and asked questions. Come to find out he teaches children bible stories at a school. He was knowledgeable in the Bible especially the history part in the Old Testament. We shared how the OT lead into the NT and the coming of the savior Christ. He is looking forward to meeting the teams and maybe holding meetings in his home or restaurant. We thank Jesus for giving us this divine appointment. Encouraged a young lady who had accepted Jesus during a prior team visit. After this went to a lady's home shared with her, in which she was running down her driveway to greet us. Met with another couple and their daughter which produced a opportunity to minister to them tomorrow in their home. Tomorrow we have the day filled so we are trying to get settled down earlier tonight. The only event we have scheduled in the apartment is a movie night so we went out and invited multitudes. - Jane Long 

June 9, 2016 (Thursday) - Wow, where do I start..... part of the team traveled to help friends at a farm laying irrigation pipe, the work we accomplished with all of us in two hours would of taken them 2 weeks, they were extremely grateful. We wanted to demonstrate Gods love thru this task. We traveled to La Esperanza to meet with a gentleman (73 yrs. old) we had met on Monday. The gospel was shared and he invited Christ in his heart. As he was praying a white dove landed on the ground next to the bench he was sitting on. He was in tears when we thanked God for leading us to him. The team was split this afternoon. One team visited in the home of some friends we had meet before and encouraged them to stand strong with Jesus in the mist of their issues. The other team met three ladies in one of the ladies home. Bible Stories and testimonies were shared along with gospel presentation and one of them prayed to receive Christ. Then after we returned to the apartment a friend dropped by for a visit. We are very humbled and blessed at today's events. The entire team is on a mountain top rejoicing in our Lord! Tomorrow will be our down day until 6:00 pm, then two team members will be teaching and sharing Jesus in a school. Please continue to lift the team up, we have been dealing with sickness but those people seem to be improving and on the road to recovery. But mainly thank the Lord for what he has done and is going to do thru us. - Jane Long 

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