Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ecuador Mission Team #3 Update (Day 6)

Day 6:

My apologies for getting this to you so late. Our power was out yesterday afternoon and all night.

Yesterday started out in the most amazing way! We had a baptism of a young lady that has been a believer here for a little while. One of the team members read the story of Jesus' baptism and another team member had the privilege of baptizing her. It was absolutely beautiful!

In the afternoon, we had a Bible study with a very new believer, who accepted Christ on the March trip. We were all amazed at the wisdom
that came from her in such a short time. You can see that God is moving in her. We again shared the story of Joseph. We did not know this but, she is facing a lot of struggles with her sons and jealousy between them. The perfect story to share! Again, The Lord guiding our steps. She even said that she knew these struggles were because she'd accepted Christ and Satan was not happy about that. See the wisdom I'm referring to?! We had a sweet time of prayer, discipleship, and encouragement. We showed her a way to present the gospel using a colored soccer ball, similar to the bracelets. We call it "football gospel." 🙂 Pray for her and that these boys will settle their differences.

As I mentioned earlier, the power was out, but that didn't end our study. We had 16 studying and praying in the dark! After the study, we walked with flashlights to a restaurant that was running off a generator. And it was BUSY!! There were 17 at dinner, and all of us were able to sit down to dinner and enjoy sweet fellowship together.

This morning, the musicians are playing and singing with a local church for their worship service, then we will begin to prepare for our movie night while saying many goodbyes.

Pray for the movie tonight. Pray that lost people will turn to Christ, that broken marriages will be healed, that the Spirit will speak through us to minister to them. Pray for comfort for the team, as goodbyes are always so hard! We love you all, we are praying that everyone had a blessed Sunday, and that no matter what language we are worshipping in that God will be so glorified for He is worthy! -Julia Roberts

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