Friday, September 2, 2016

Louisiana Disaster Relief Team - Day 2 Update

It's been a long day and our team worked incredibly hard today (which is why our updated isn't being posted until today - Day 3). Hardee County & Polk County should be very proud of the people that are here representing them. Our teams are "promoting" daily in their work and becoming very skilled at gutting homes. There is such a sweet spirit with all of our team members and there is unity with everyone!

Our SMM Team was split into 2 teams today, but still worked within a few homes of each other in the same neighborhoods. Team 1 completed gutting our first home from yesterday and started on another. Team 2 completed a new home today and started on another one. We had the opportunity to meet several of the homeowners today and hear their stories of devastation and, for some, hope. No matter where we were, we did our best at sharing where our hope comes from no matter what's happens here on this earth.

So what does a typical work day look like for us...

7am Breakfast
7:45am Team Meet Up to receive assignments for the day
8:30am Arrive on Work Site
12pm Lunch
4:30pm Head back to the church
5pm Showers
6pm Dinner
6:30pm Devotion
7:30pm Team Leader Meeting
8:30pm Team Share Time

So what does it look like when we gut a home... Everything that came in contact with the water has to go! Furniture, beds, clothes, dressers, cabinets, floors, toilets, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, and even the walls. The picture below is of our first home that we completed. Most of the homes at this point have all of their personal belongings out, but the walls & floors haven't been prepped. Once we completely gut the home, then a team will come in and spray it to kill any mold that may be forming. This completes our process and then the homeowner will have a contractor come in and restore the home.

In talking to most of the families, while some of the homes did have flood insurance, others didn't, but this type of flooding has never happened before. No one was ready for it. The rains just kept coming, the levee broke, and there was little time to prepare to leave. Most had to evacuate and for those who didn't, as one lady said, "the man was just floating down the water on an air mattress, waiting for someone to come help him."


Tonight we also spent some time sharing with each other what we did, what God has been teaching us through this experience, and then we had a special time of prayer for some of the families, some of our families and for those in Florida that may be hit by the hurricane that's on it's way. While the weather doesn't look good for our hometown right now, the weather has been just perfect for the work we are doing here in Louisiana.

Please continue to keep praying for:
  • Safety
  • Strength for each day 
  • One of our team member's mom who is in the hospital
  • More opportunities to share Christ with others 

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  1. You all are doing a great job. Your efforts will never be forgotten. God bless you all. Prayers for safety and strength as you continue with your mission.