Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ecuador Mission Team Update - Day 1

Ecuador Team Update-How honored and humbled to be here in Tabacundo as ambassadors for our Lord and Savior. We have had a busy day, as we're sure you can imagine because of the time of this post. 

We began the day very early (one of us had a phone whose time did not update, and therefore we were up an hour earlier than expected), and God used that time so we could exercise, eat breakfast, have an awesome devotional time, and still be ready for the day by 8:30. We did a few housekeeping items in the apartment and then met with our awesome landlord who was in town to fix a potential problem which ended up not being a problem at all (Praise God!!!!). 

Then around 10:30 we broke up into several groups and hit the streets. We met with several friends in Tabacundo, some who were planned, many who just happened (divine appointments) to see us and want to chat, all who were a joyful reminder of God going before us. After reunions and eating lunch, some of us headed directly back to the apartment, where we barely arrived before the heavens opened up with rain and then HAIL! That was a first for all of us, and one we would prefer not to repeat (especially since it makes everything extra slippery, and can cause one to slip and fall-true story). 

While waiting for the skies to clear at least from the "raining rocks" some of us took a short nap (to make up for the extra early morning, we're sure), and others shared and laughed about the mornings experiences with one another. By early evening we were ready to go out again, but not before the skies cleared and we got some beautiful shots of Mt Cayambe. Our team split in two this time. Five of us went up the mountain from Tabacundo to meet with a group of leaders who want to know more about us and see if we can help their community. We are excited about this door which has opened for us to share Christ and his love with a people who seem very eager to know more. 

Please continue to pray for each step we take. The other four of our team went to the local "mall" where we have several contacts and invited them to join us for our discipleship sessions which we are going to have the next few days at the apartment. We ended the evening with supper at a Chinese restaurant, with a very dear couple. After our goodbyes we returned to the apartmen, had a short share time, prayer, and now most everyone is in bed, which is where yours truly is also headed. Please be in prayer for tomorrow. May the God who brought us here continue to go before us. Blessings to you!

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