Monday, June 25, 2012

DR UPDATE - happy sunday

my last blog was more of a personal WOW moment for me...however, i know that so many of you are reading this to find out things we are experiencing while we are here!  our day started with a trip to the Children With A Hope center...eye opening.  i will post pics is late already and i want time to share a little more with you!  we joined them for their morning church service...beautiful people came...some with smiles, some who just watched carefully...but all there to worship together.

the service was wonderful...jamie and megan performed "testify to love" in sign language (thanks girls-muy bonita!)...Pastor Jim Davis provided the morning message with help from johnathan...our translator...and 3 people came forward to give their hearts to Jesus!

we helped the dental team with their supplies so they could set up for tomorrow with the children.  the center truly seems filled with a hope...i love the paintings and the areas created for the children to enjoy!  these sweet children are given hope...through Jesus...but also because of Pastor Pablo and his wife Elizabeth who have done an amazing job!  Can't wait to get started tomorrow!

we also attended a church service at the other center...cien fuegos.  if Children With A Hope center is eye opening...cien fuegos is the animated version of eyes popping out of your head and springing back quick!  however, these beautiful people were stuffed into a gated carport area complete with energy filled children and a few sleepy dogs.  again...the faces.  the eyes.  the smiles.  Pastor Darin (yes, my hubby!)  provided the message and Pastor Ruddy translated.  And even through a whole lot of sweat...literally...(no fans, no air...just a small breeze now and then)  the Lord used his message to bring 10 people to accept Jesus!  what a day!  but we weren't finished!
we were invited to attend one more church service with Pastor Pablo in another area.  we gladly accepted!   Pastor Jim was able to share his message from the morning service and we sang together and found common ground in our love for God.  Cookie was able to bless a young man (one who had just accepted Christ this morning) with his very own Bible...and as megan witnessed...he held it like a treasure...kissing it's cover and lifting his head to thank God for this amazing gift.

we ended the evening eating at "patio familia" all together, rejoicing in the day God gave to all of us.  yes, we are tired...the food is good, but not familiar...we are all very blessed to have good deodorant...but we are here...and we are all VERY blessed.


  1. I couldn't get through that without crying. What an experience it must be for you all. We can't wait to have you all home and hear all about it. 13 new lives! God is good!

  2. We greatly take for granted the gospel, the Word. It is so beautiful to see people love it the way it should be loved!