Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Visionary Trip to the Dominican Republic

On January 27, 2015 I will fly to the Dominican Republic with my 14 year old grandson Isaiah and a lady from our ministry staff. I'm looking forward to introducing Isaiah to the mission field and hoping a flame will be lit in his heart for those who live in third world countries as well as those in his own community of Liberty, North Carolina. One mission trip can change a heart forever.

It was in 2008 a group of missionaries came to Lydia's House wanting to tour the home for women we had opened in Wauchula. They saw the hand of God in the ministry as they listened intently to the amazing stories of God's provision. In fact Jesus was all we had when we responded to the call. We stepped out in faith and led us every step of the way. 

One of the missionaries spoke up saying, "I have never done this before, but I want to invite you to go with us to the Dominican." "There is a lady who pastors a small church in the Dominican. She believes God is calling her to start an orphanage and she is praying because the need is so great." "Perhaps you could encourage her," the missionary said.  

In a matter of days I was flying to a third world country where my heart would be broken as I realized the difference between American poverty and third world poverty. Pastor Anna greeted me warmly and before long we formed a friendship that continues to this day. We put down roots, invested and committed to support the orphanage until the Lord releases us. 

When I returned home our ministry board decided to tithe from our ministry to the Dominican and in doing so we have been able to provide funds to open and maintain an orphanage for girls. First with a rented building and today with the generous help of others the home has been bought and paid for. Little girls who would other wise have no place to live now have a place to call home and an education as well as an opportunity to hear the gospel message. 

Each year we take supplies and provide beans and rice for the impoverished community. I am praying about the possibility of opening an orphanage for young boys. You never know what God might do.   Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we continue this work in the Dominican Republic. 

Sherry White