Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ecuador Mission Team #3 (Day 4 Update)

June 30, 2016 (Day 4)
Today was our busiest day yet. Every morning we look at our whiteboard with our schedule and appointments on it. This morning we realized just how quickly this week is passing! We are so grateful for the opportunities we have had to share with, encourage, teach, and disciple our friends here. This morning we started off in the market sharing the story of Joseph with a newer believer. There was a man beside her who asked to hear the story too. How often does that happen?! He listened intently, said he was ready to change his life, and even asked for a Bible before we could offer one. We talked about Joseph and how God would send another Prince, who would be sold for silver and condemned even though He was innocent, and He would forgive just like Joseph forgave his brothers, but on a much larger scale. The men in our group are going back to share in more detail. Be praying for him and for them as they share. After our morning appointments, we split teams and handed out fliers for the showing of the movie War Room on Sunday evening. Be praying for this event, as this movie is powerful and marriage struggles are a big problem here. Tonight we held a Bible study at a friend's place of business. The study was fantastic! We had 23 total in attendance. We again shared the story of Joseph, and every person on the team was able to share. Some people in attendance are facing health issues and marriage issues. We talked about how no matter the circumstances, Joseph continued to trust God and serve Him fully. We also sang in English and Spanish and had a wonderful time of study, fellowship, and prayer. We were able to "Korean style" pray for two ladies who are facing big struggles. It was so beautiful hearing prayers aloud in both languages! There is so much more to share, but this post is long enough and I may have lost some of you by now. God's glory can never be explained in just a few paragraphs. But, rest assured He is always good, and He is at work here!!!! Lift up with us our Bible study for tomorrow night. Many have been invited and we pray they come and hear the Word of God. I can't stress enough how important your prayers are to this work. - Julia Roberts

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ecuador Mission Team #3 Update - Day 3

June 29, 2016

Proverbs 16:9 "The mind of a man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps." Today our team was very busy! We started the morning off with a plan to visit a new believer in the mall about baptism. She wasn't there. Failed appointment? No! Divine appointment. There was a young lady who we asked about the believer we were looking for. Well, ice breaker and gospel talk began. This woman has been sensing the spirit tugging on her heart, and today she made the decision to trust Christ. Soon after, her mother came in and she was able to share her good news with her mom, who is a believer. Praise the Lord! At the same time this meeting was happening, another team was speaking with a man two shops down and shared the gospel with him. He had some serious questions and the team answered those and gave scripture references for him to dig deeper. Pray that the Holy Spirit will discern these things for him. We have a Bible study scheduled for tomorrow night and we are very excited about it! Please join us in praying for that event. We are, as always, wow-ed by The Lord. We think we are going to do one thing and He points us in a new direction. -Julia Roberts

Met this lady in the Gran Aki and she told us that she works with Compassion int. and is a Christian, how cool is that!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marvina Hooper & The Story of Casa David

If you've ever met Marvina Hooper, YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH HER! 
If you've ever met Marvina Hooper, YOU KNOW SHE LOVES JESUS! 
And if you've ever met Marvina Hooper, 

About Casa David:
CASA DAVID was opened in Feburary 2014. It is a beautiful and comfortable home just a half block from the Seguro Social Hospital in Barrio La Granja in Comayajula, Honduras. Much like a Ronald McDonald House, CASA DAVID provides a safe home for family members who bring their loved ones to the hopsital. It is made available to those who travel great distances to come to the hospital and who have no other place to go. 

With 30 clean and comfortable beds, CASA DAVID opens it's doors to those who are often facing their darkest days. Not only do we provide a bed, we serve 2 meals (breakfast & dinner) everyday... 365 days a year our guests are able to take hot showers and have a place to wash their clothes. An armed guard stands watch 24/7, insuring the safety of our guests. But most importantly, our guests are treated with respect and love.

The Story of Casa David:
Casa David was a dream that we believe started in the heart of God many years ago, when former IMB, SBC missionaries, Howard and Marvina Hooper, were working with university students in the capital city of Honduras in the early 1990's. Together, the Hoopers and the students, witnessed the great despair of the people who traveled from all parts of the country to bring their loved ones to the hospital with no means to pay for a place to stay while they were so far from home. Family members often slept on the floors in the lobby of the hospital for days and many times even weeks having no place to sleep, eat, shower, or wash their clothes. 

Years later, back in the States, Marvina read a book (January 2103) that asked "What is the dream God has given to you, that you have never done anything about...that you could never do unless He does it through you?" Instantly she knew... it was to have a place where these people could rest safely, have a hot meal and most importantly find hope in Christ Jesus. 

To learn even more about Casa David, visit:

Pray for Marvina & Casa David:
We've been sharing with you mission teams from Hardee County that have been serving on the mission field this summer. We wanted to take the time to introduce you to Marvina Hooper & Casa David in case you don't know her and the ministry. She arrived in Honduras today and will be serving there for a few days, so keep her in your prayers. 

"Arrived safely in Tegucigalpa after having church on the plane with a crazy Jesus lover in the seat beside me! It was SO awesome! Hit the road running and am just getting to bed💤 after getting up at 3:30am... This ole gal is pooped! So... Buenas nachos until tomorrow! 😜 So excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Are you?" -Marvina Hooper 

Marvin served with us in 2012 when SendMeMissions took our first mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Orphan's Heart. Our Team Leader was Marvina's husband, Howie. We will forever be grateful for this dynamic duo... for their amazing leadership and love for us! 

FBCBG Ecuador Mission Team #3 - Update

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"That's beautiful" my favorite quote of the day. These were the words we heard from a new believer as we shared testimonies and scripture. We explained that we don't have it all together, we are completely broken without the Lord and we strive everyday to learn more about Him and His Word. The young lady we were sharing with was concerned that she wasn't well versed enough in the Bible to be baptized. We shared scriptures on Jesus' baptism and the story of the Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. She is being baptized Saturday! One team went and spoke with a local business owner about having a movie night at his place and we settled on Sunday night for the movie showing. There is a big festival and parade in town tonight and he is very busy every other night. That team was also able to line up the swimming pool for baptisms on Saturday morning. This was the team with a few musicians and they were also able to meet with a local missionary and plan some music events. The other team spoke with several new believers about following up in baptism. One has confirmed, the young lady from the previous paragraph, that she will be baptized and three others who are speaking with their families because they want them to attend. This team also met with a believer here and set up a Bible study in her home set for Friday evening. This team also made a trip into Cayambe to get supplies for movie night and while at the store, we met a woman who works with Compassion International. How cool is that? She will be at our Bible study on Thursday evening. Every night on our calendar is full! We are praising Him for opening doors as He is always faithful! Lift up with us: 1: Divine appointments tomorrow as we hand out invitations for movie night 2: The other 3 believers will be able to arrange with family to attend their baptisms 3: Continued strength for the team as we move forward. Thank you again for your prayers! 
- Julia Roberts

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mission Team Updates - It's Been a Busy Day for Many Teams!

Northside Baptist Church - Haiti Mission Team Update

The team has safely arrived back to the states and are headed home now. 

FBC Bowling Green - Ecuador Mission Team #2 

The team is on their way back and is in route now! 

FBC Bowling Green - Ecuador Mission Team #3 

The team has hit the ground running and has already sent in an update! 

Day 1 update, more like 2 hour update!

Team 3 arrived at the apartment today around 4:30. It is now 6:30, and we already have several appointments lined up. We have a War Room movie night planned with an old friend at his restaurant. We are meeting with him in the morning to set the exact day and time. Join us in praying we will select the day The Lord has already ordained for this opportunity. Pray the people respond to the movie and lives are changed. We also have a bible study set up in the home of a couple who are facing some martial issues. We have invited several friends and that study is Thursday at 7:00 our time, 8:00 Florida time. Over 10 people have already agreed to come! Be in prayer for that meeting, that the Spirit will move and we will follow His leading.

We are also lining up a music night with a local church here, and details for that haven't been worked out, but they are excited about doors being opened and the gospel being proclaimed! We are also working on dates for at least one baptism!!!!!

Our team is very excited about the responses and opportunities that have abounded in just two short hours. Our God is indeed great! We are all very tired from an early morning and long travel day. Pray for rest and refreshment in the Father.

Thank you all for being our partners. We could not do it without love, prayers, financial support, and even babysitting from our friends, family, and church family! -Julia Roberts

Friday, June 24, 2016

FBCBG Ecuador Mission Team Update (Team #2)

June 22, 2016 - We had a blessed day, yesterday. It ended with a dinner for 3 guest. Mrs Salazar (Patty & her two daughters up stairs) but little did we know she had 4 daughters, and invited her sister, her husband , daughter and son! Glad I cook for crowds! It was amazing, as if Jesus was sitting at the table with us, we talked about their Church, everyone's salvation and the children's schools. We discussed Patty's job, why they live here... basically everything, it just flowed thru the entire night! We laughed so much, mostly at David Simmons & my expenses...but, we enjoyed it also! It was great. I wish only Connie & all of you, could have been there to enhance the spirit of it! - Marc McKinney 

FBC Wauchula - World Changers Team

Have you been praying for the World Changers Team from FBC Wauchula? Join them this Sunday, June 26th at 6pm to hear testimonies of the trip at FBC Wauchula (Fellowship Hall). 

Northside Baptist Church - Haiti Update

Northside Baptist Church Haiti Mission Team is still in the field serving! Please continue to keep them in your prayers. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mission Team Updates #partneruniteserve

Hardee County now has 3 teams out on the field serving. 

Northside Baptist Church has made it to Haiti!

FBC Wauchula Youth have made it to Ft. Pierce, FL as they serve with World Changers. 

And there is still a team in Ecuador from FBC Bowling Green. 

Please continue to pray for these teams as they serve and share Christ's love to the world. 


Friday, June 17, 2016

FBCBG Ecuador Mission Team Update (Team #2)

Continue to pray for FBCBG Team #2 that is serving & sharing the gospel in Ecuador!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

FBCBG Ecuador Mission Team Update (Team #1)

June 10, 2016 - Ecuador update... Today we had our rest day. We took the bus to Otavola to the market and went to the waterfall to enjoy the beauty of Gods creation! It is amazing! This evening we went to the school however plans were changed. Two of our team members were going to teach a class but the principal canceled classes to have all the students clean up for a special day on Monday. However the principal allow us to share with the students anyway and they were sitting on bleachers. They had questions written down to ask us. After we were asked why we were here and we explained, then one students question was......I hear God is returning soon, is that true. Wow, even tho our time was cut short is was a great time sharing with the students. Tomorrow we hit the ground running as our first meeting is in a home at 9:00 am. We have scheduled one event in the apartment which is tomorrow night with the movie war room, so please pray for this time of fellowship. It is so hard to believe that we only have two days remaining before we have to say our goodbyes. But we are all totally in awe of the great times we have experienced and can't wait to see what the last two days has for us! Blessed be the name of the Lord our God!!!!!!! - Jane Long 

June 11, 2016 - This morning we went to La Esperanza to meet with Edgar, who is a military pilot. Great time sharing with him. This afternoon we attended an event to support the earthquake victims. We took supplies for them to send. tonight was very exciting, we showed the movie and 45 people showed up!!!!!!! But even better than that about half of them were new friends. Tomorrow we will worship in two different churches, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Then the hard part comes as we say goodbye for now and get ready for the flight home on Monday. - Jane Long

June 12, 2016 - Last update for this trip..... This morning we worshiped in a church some of the teams has visited before. Great worship service!!!!!!!!!!Met some friends at lunch came back to the apartment with them and had a devotion. Attended a soccer game for about and hour which the coach is one of our dear friends. Some of the team took power naps before we head out to church tonight to worship our Lord! This week has been so amazing. We are on mountain top praising the name of Jesus. Goodbyes are always a part of this journey we don't like but goodbye my dear friends for now! Pray for us as we travel back home tomorrow. God bless you all! - Jane Long

Friday, June 10, 2016

FBCBG Ecuador Mission Team Update (Team #1)

There will be 3 Teams this summer from FBCBG that will be serving in Ecuador. Below are a few updates from Team #1 that left back on June 6th.

June 6, 2016 (Monday) - The team has arrived in our beloved Ecuador safe and sound. Even tho we haven't been here but a few hours our faithful father has placed several people in our paths and we have three meetings scheduled. How faithful is our God! Please lift one of our team members up, one team member is feeling under the weather. We are exhausted tonight so we are watching a dvd and then getting some much needed rest before hitting the road tomorrow. God is so good and we are looking forward to what he has in store for us this week. Thank you for your prayers! - Jane Long 

June 7, 2016 (Tuesday) - Great morning of our first study in Threads, began prayer walking in Tabacundo which led to two appointments to share bible stories tomorrow morning. (New friends) Encouraged many friends that we have met. We also prayer walked in La Esperanza, while prayer walking we met a man tending to his sheep, we talked to him and asked him if we could share about our Shepard Jesus, we will have that opportunity on Thursday and get this in the center of the park. Met with the leader of a community about sharing in his area, positive interaction and praying for the opportunity in the future. Everyone on the team is very tired but remains energetic to on sharing their faith. To God be the glory!!!! - Jane Long

June 8, 2016 (Wednesday) - We divided up into teams early, one team shared with a gentleman who owns a clothes store. He was receptive to them but did not commit to salvation. But we feel the Holy Spirit was convicting him so please lift him up in prayer. The other team visited a man who asked us to share the story of Joseph. We told the story and he was very attentive and gave input on the story and asked questions. Come to find out he teaches children bible stories at a school. He was knowledgeable in the Bible especially the history part in the Old Testament. We shared how the OT lead into the NT and the coming of the savior Christ. He is looking forward to meeting the teams and maybe holding meetings in his home or restaurant. We thank Jesus for giving us this divine appointment. Encouraged a young lady who had accepted Jesus during a prior team visit. After this went to a lady's home shared with her, in which she was running down her driveway to greet us. Met with another couple and their daughter which produced a opportunity to minister to them tomorrow in their home. Tomorrow we have the day filled so we are trying to get settled down earlier tonight. The only event we have scheduled in the apartment is a movie night so we went out and invited multitudes. - Jane Long 

June 9, 2016 (Thursday) - Wow, where do I start..... part of the team traveled to help friends at a farm laying irrigation pipe, the work we accomplished with all of us in two hours would of taken them 2 weeks, they were extremely grateful. We wanted to demonstrate Gods love thru this task. We traveled to La Esperanza to meet with a gentleman (73 yrs. old) we had met on Monday. The gospel was shared and he invited Christ in his heart. As he was praying a white dove landed on the ground next to the bench he was sitting on. He was in tears when we thanked God for leading us to him. The team was split this afternoon. One team visited in the home of some friends we had meet before and encouraged them to stand strong with Jesus in the mist of their issues. The other team met three ladies in one of the ladies home. Bible Stories and testimonies were shared along with gospel presentation and one of them prayed to receive Christ. Then after we returned to the apartment a friend dropped by for a visit. We are very humbled and blessed at today's events. The entire team is on a mountain top rejoicing in our Lord! Tomorrow will be our down day until 6:00 pm, then two team members will be teaching and sharing Jesus in a school. Please continue to lift the team up, we have been dealing with sickness but those people seem to be improving and on the road to recovery. But mainly thank the Lord for what he has done and is going to do thru us. - Jane Long 

2016 Hardee County Summer Mission Teams

Hardee County has several Summer Mission Teams headed out to share the Gospel & Be the Light! 

Below is the schedule. Please keep these teams in your prayers as some are already out on the field and the others are preparing to head out soon. 

June 6 - 12 / First Baptist Church Bowling Green Team #1 - Ecuador 
June 12 - 27 / First Baptist Church Bowling Green Team #2 - Ecuador 
June 20 - 27 / Northside Baptist Church - Haiti 
June 20 - 25 / First Baptist Church Wauchula - World Changers 
June 27 - July 4 / First Baptist Church Bowling Green Team #3 - Ecuador 
July 21 - 30 / Florida's First Assembly of God - Argentina