Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Weeks of Missions - Team #5

Northside Baptist Church of Wauchula and their missions team is headed to Haiti. They will be serving at Cabaret Baptist Children's Home this week.

Please continue to pray the team's safety, health and effectiveness while serving.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aug 5th & 6th - DR Team Update

Yesterday we spent our time in several villages playing with the children, sharing with them about what Jesus' love means to us, and walking ALOT! A small group spent some time painting one of the local churches that Pastor Craig works with (you can see more about his ministry at Another group made their way to another village in the afternoon and started a game of baseball with the kids. We didn't have a ball with us so the kids went and picked some fruit off the tree and that became our ball for the game. Then 3 of the FL team members made their way down the village streets to stop and talk with the families in the area. We were able to pass out tracks and pray with the families.

Today we spent the morning in the Capital being "tourists." For lunch we went to a local restaurant and experienced some of the cultural food here in the DR, it was so delicious! Then we went to Pasitos de Jesus, which is a girls home that Score International oversees. Our team played volleyball, played on the playground, sang songs and Tina had the opportunity to present a Worship Painting. The kids even helped with the painting and it was beautiful! Before we left, the kids sang to us and shared some of their stories. Tomorrow is our last "ministry" day with the NY team. Please keep praying for our team as we finish out the week strong and make our way back to FL late on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aug 4th - DR Mission Team Update

Today our team headed out to Emanuel House again to finish painting the chair legs, table legs and the outside of the building. There were 2 additional smaller groups that had the privilege of going to the village to visit with some more families. Pictured above is Pastor Theodore and his family. They have 10 children ranging in age from 2 to 22. Pastor Theodore shared with our group about his church, different customs within the congregation, and about their need for water. We had the opportunity to pray with them, asking God to provide an abundance of rain and water.
NY Team Member, Paul, playing baseball with Pastor Theodore's oldest son, Jackson.
 After returning to the Score Complex and eating lunch, we made our way to the Lily House which is a ministry of Score that rescues exploited women and empowers them to work with dignity as they work creatively with their hands! While there are no pictures allowed at this location, team members and Lily House guests shared their testimonies and gave us a tour of the facility.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3rd - DR Mission Trip

Our 1st work day began with preparing bags of food for families that Score International works with. The bags consisted of rice, fish, beans, oil, pasta and the hygiene bags that were made at First Christian Church and here at the complex.  After preparing the bags we made our way out to Emanual House which is located in Quisqueya about 30 minutes away from where we are staying. It serves as a school for about 150 kids. Many of these children are not allowed to attend public school because they do not have a birth certificate or their parents can not afford the uniforms and supplies.

Once arriving to Emanuel House, the teams split up into several groups serving with different projects that needed to be completed before the next school year begins. Pictured above the group was responsible for sanding and repainting all the tables and chairs for each classrom.

Although team member, Brek McClenithan's favorite quote is... "If you ain't sweating, you ain't serving," we did capture this moment of interation with one of the kids at the school.

Another group was responsible for scraping and spackeling all the classroom walls to be repainted tomorrow.

Some of the groups had a chance to go into the village of Quisqueya to help deliver the food & hygeine bags from this morning. They were able to talk, witness, and pray with the families that had children attending Emanuel House.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday, August 2nd DR Mission Team

This morning, we got to attend a church service in the town of San Pedro (it's about the size of Lakeland and 20 minutes from the SCORE complex in Juan Dolio). The name of the church is Juan 3:16 and is pastored by Sadrac who is a Score missionary. The music and message was amazing! A group from the New York team got up and sang "How Great is Our God" in Spanish in front of the church. When combined with people also singing it in English, it was a beautiful joyful noise singing praises to the Lord! All of the music was sung in Spanish. Pastor Sadarac gave the message in English and had a translator for the Dominicans there. He started the message by reading Matthew 10 talking about all of the disciples, and how Simon the Zealot was just mention once in the entire Bible. Then he used 1 Corinthians 12:21 talking about the importance of all of the body parts, and finished with Matthew 19:27-28. The meaning behind the message was to be faithful in whatever God calls you to do, whether you are a known or unknown soldier. Your reward will be received in Heaven for the Kingdom work done on earth. It was awesome to be able to worship with the church members there despite having a language barrier.

After church we made our by a local store and picked up some items, then we headed back to the Score Complex. We ate lunch and then met as an entire team to introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little better. After that it was time to work! We began unpacking the supplies that were brought by both the FL & NY teams. We formed an assembly line and started making 200 hygeine bags that will later be distributed to families that Score works with throughout the year.

We got to visit the beach for few hours after packing all the bags right before coming back to eat super and have devotion. We can't wait to share with you all tomorrow about the amazing things that God has shown us. Continue to pray for our team, both FL & NY!