Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lighthouse Ministries Work Day - Register Today!

Thanks to everyone that came out and served! We had a great time and can't wait to return to Lighthouse Ministries! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Africa Update - Returning Home

The Africa mission team is on their way back to the USA! Please keep them in your prayers as they will be traveling for many hours to come. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Africa Update - Long Days, Many Blessings, God is Great!

Since arriving in Uganda, the team has been extremely busy! On Wednesday the team spent their day at Ekubo Ministries. This is an amazing ministry... you can check them out online at  . Then on Thursday they headed to Return Ministries. And on Friday they returned back to Ekubo Ministries for some time with the kids, ate lunch and then made their way Jinja. While in Jinja there is no wifi (so it's been since Thursday night that I've heard from Jess). While in Jinja they spent the night at Canaan's.

Today should be an awesome day as well... the team will spend their day at Canaan's with the kids and then make their way to King Fisher Lodge. Then they will get the opportunity to take a Nile Boat Tour (can't wait to see these pictures!)

Tomorrow morning will be their last time of ministry before they all make their way back to us back here in the states.

Below are a few pictures I've snagged from their leaders page, Jason Root. (So glad he's been able to keep us updated with pictures :)

These kiddo's were just too cute!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Africa Update - Bags have arrived

Just wanted to let you all know that the team got the rest of their bags last night. 

Didn't hear too much from Jess, their days have been very long. But they did get to see an amazing dance put on for them by the locals yesterday. Here is a picture... 

Keep praying for the team! They only have about 3 more days left! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Africa Update - And the day just got longer...

It's 3:30am right now in Africa and I just got a message from Jess. Their team has arrived in Uganda but with 27 less bags. 22 of these bags for donation/supply bags but the other 5 were personal bags, including Jess's bag. 

She has asked that we PLEASE PRAY that their bags are on the next flight, which will be coming in at 1pm. This means you all have approximately 10 hours to keep praying that their bags arrive. Jess mentioned that she only has her toothbrush :( 

Here is a picture of a few of them at the airport from their layover in Ethiopia. 

The team did not get to sleep anywhere during the night but instead slept in the airport prior to leaving for Uganda. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Africa Update - It's going to be a long day...

Make sure you say a special prayer for the Visiting Orphan's Africa Mission Team before you go to bed tonight... tomorrow is going to be a very long day for them. 

The team had an awesome day today! The orphanage had 600 children!!! Yes, 600 children... starting from a week and 1/2 old baby all the way up. Jess got to play "football" aka soccer today and hold babies. The team also ate at really nice restaurant on lake Kivo. 

The team will be leaving in the morning for a 4 hour drive to the airport, then hang out while they have a 4 hour layover in Ethiopia. They will get into country the next day at 1:30am, go through customs etc. and then jump on a bus for another 3 hours to make their way to the hotel to have breakfast... and then start their day. There won't be any sleeping, other than what they get on the plane & bus, so keep the whole team in your prayers... asking for them to be renewed and energetic for all the kiddos they will be working with in the next day or so. 

Jess probably won't have internet over the next day or 2 so we won't be posting any updates. 

Pictures are slim with her, but I did managed to get a group photo from her. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Africa Update - Jess Murdock in Rawanda

For those of you who have been checking for an update on Jessica Murdock's mission trip to Africa... I finally have heard from her and can share some info...

Note: Jess is in the background
Their team arrived in Rwanda and had their first day of ministry at Kimisagra orphanage on Friday. But before arriving there they had the opportunity to visit the Rwanda Genocide Museum. (As a side note, if you've not ever read the book "Left To Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza, you definitely should!) She was fitted for an authentic Africa skirt that will be made for her (how cool is that?!?!)

Their second day of ministry was at the same orphanage. They were able to purchase 40 mattresses for this orphanage which were delivered while they were there. She mentioned that one little boy stated, "God had answered his question." And they bought $800 worth of food (which she expressed that they truly needed). 

The team ate at a pizza place today and she said it was sooo good. Jess was anxious to get to bed and get some sleep under mosquito net. 

They leave tomorrow morning to head t0 Gisenyi, which will take them about 4 hours. They will then be visiting the Imbabazi Orphanage. 

Jess promises to send one or 2 pictures of herself soon!

Continue to keep their team in your prayers! (Feel free to leave her comments from this post. She is able to periodically access the internet)